PDX Index: Fountains

Portland Monthly takes a look at local fountains.

By Meghan Hilliard September 10, 2009 Published in the October 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

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3 Number of new fountains that will be added to Portland’s landscape by the end of 2009*

9 Number of weeks after the christening of Lawrence Halprin’s Lovejoy Fountain in 1968 that complaints about “frolicking hippies” inspired Portland Police to post signs forbidding “wading, swimming, and bathing” in the fountain (fine: $500)

17 Number of Portland fountains currently maintained by the Portland Water Bureau

$24 And a pair of boots—the amount Elijah Hill paid in 1849 for Pioneer Courthouse Square, now home to Portland’s most-visited fountain

60 Temperature of the drinking water in the Benson Bubblers in the fall

1888 Year brewer Henry Weinhard offered to pipe beer through Skidmore Fountain to celebrate its dedication. (The city said no.)

13,000 Gallons of water flowing, per minute, through Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain on SW Third Ave & Market St

$241,500 The Portland Water Bureau’s 2009–10 budget dedicated to operating and maintaining Portland’s fountains

*Bill Naito Legacy Fountain in Gov. Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Elizabeth Caruthers Fountain in the South Waterfront, and Director Park Fountain between SW Park & Ninth Aves

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