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It’s A Wrap

Lists and more lists

By Lisa Radon January 4, 2010

What’s that? You have yet to write your Best of 2009 list? That’s okay, the Motion Picture Academy doesn’t get around to it for ages.

Me, I could write a 2009 best-of list or….I could link to the lists of others and call it a day. I find the end of year round-up thrilling (whatta year!), overwhelming (I need to go stand in front of Robert Irwin’s disk at PAM and clear my mind), and kind of melancholy as there were many good shows I didn’t have time or energy to tell you about. I hope you saw them anyway.

For the Comprehensive List of Lists, we have to thank 16 Miles which links the best of the best-of (and worst-of) lists nationally from Christopher Knight in El Lay to Peter Schjeldahl in New York.

Closer to home, Jeff Jahn at PORT farmed out the list writing, creating a survey which, among other things called out Ruth Ann Brown as MVP for her Couture series at New American Art Union.

Meanwhile, Richard Speer at Willamette Week does his own list making, hitting a number of the shows and venues I deeply appreciated, not least being Damien Gilley and Ethan Rose at Gallery HOMELAND. And thanks for the nod for Culturephile, Richard. We try.

Artist/curator/critic TJ Norris puts unBLOGGED to sleep, Fifty-two Pieces wrapped, Barry Johnson ended his long tenure at the Oregonian, Bob Hicks wrote about what he read, not what he saw in 09 on Art Scatter, while Eva Lake, the Mercury, the O, and Just Out skipped year-end wrap ups.

So I shouldn’t feel too bad about skipping it right?

Lazy Year End Round-Up (a list that may grow):
Jenene Nagy and Josh Smith, Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner, Oregon Painting Society, Half/Dozen, Gallery HOMELAND’s East/West Project Berlin, OPENWIDEpdx, Bandage a Knife (Linda Austin/Seth Nehil), Spare Room Collective’s 100th Reading, PDX Contemporary, Fourteen30, Rose McCormick’s Grande Ronde, Pat Boas at Marylhurst Art Gym, Appendix Project Space (and collective), Worksound, Damien Gilley, Transference, STOCK, Karl Burkheimer, PICA’s TBA 09 visual arts at Washington High esp. robbinschilds, Nine Gallery, Jordan Tull, Peaches & Bats, Victoria Haven, Tractor, Nowhere at Disjecta, Matt King at Fourteen30, Victor Maldonado, Open House, Liam Drain, Kelly Rauer, Valentine’s, Brian Lund at PNCA, Stephen Slappe, D.E. May, Ben Stagl, The M.O.S.T. Remixed, John Brodie’s Shop for a Month, Bethany Ides…

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