Richard Foreman Mini-Festival

Hurry, go go go!

By Anne Adams August 15, 2010

If you step into some slip-on shoes and really rush, you may still catch some of the 8th Annual Richard Foreman Mini-Festival tonight at Someday Lounge, featuring the following performers:

5 PM
David Abel + Sam Miller
Chuck Barnes + Lois Leveen
Jin Camou
Anthony Christy + Surprise Guest
Lisa DeGrace
Georgia Luce + Co.
Our Shoes Are Red/The Performance Lab
Theo Wilson

7 PM
Gregg Bielemeier
Tiffany Lee Brown
Mizu Desierto
Tim DuRoche + Lisa Radon
Danielle Ross + Future Death Toll
Doug Theriault + Cyndy Chan

An annual celebration of the work of Ontological-Hysterical Theater Director Richard Foreman, the festival will be presented in two separate shows, at 5 and 7pm respectively. Linda Austin, of Performance Works NW, has teamed up with a cadre of performance-arts acts, including former Culturephile author Lisa Radon, to present works inspired by some assigned text and some "simple restrictions" that they were given just 10 days ago. The results should make for a one-of-a-kind spectacle, set to start soon after you read this and rush out your door!

In performance art, you must allow for spontaneity, and react immediately. So GO!

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