Shakespeare In The Park, Sexual Revolution In The Dark

Your weekend theater options.

By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams August 20, 2010

Shakespeare in the park!

Choose your matinee:

69: The Sexual Revolution Musical This lovely Sunday afternoon, as an alternate temptation to a river visit, consider taking shade at Artists Rep stage II (1516 SW Morrison St) for this unique production’s last gasp. Inspired by the late-sixties sexual-self-help book craze, this cheeky musical from Triangle Productions features an original score by Marv Ross of Quarterflash, and promises to rock at least your socks. 2pm.

The Comedy of Errors While the Bard’s histories and tragedies work best under cloak of darkness, a sunny afternoon marries perfectly to his comedies—which typically end when the characters marry each other. But not before they wander around spying behind trees, spreading gossip and creating a series of hilarious misunderstandings. This title, especially, is textbook—but should still be a breath of fresh air. 3pm.

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