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The New Masters

Five local beer masters working their breeches off to better microbrews for you and for the future. Skill and international experience make these talented men and women poised to redefine what it means to be "beer."

08/20/2012 By Christian DeBenedetti

c'est bon!

"Portland Weird" in Paris: Artists Report

New Paris-based festival "Keep Portland Weird" hosted a bunch of Portland artists and reportedly spoiled them rotten. We asked our correspondents:...

05/10/2012 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams


Hand Jive

Is a gesture worth a thousand words? The Language Hunters hope their hands will speak volumes.

04/27/2012 By Will Lambeth

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Ace Hotel

Artcrank Bike Posters

10/07/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams


East Side Rising

While the nightly news bemoans sluggish job-growth rates, stubborn unemployment, and, potentially, a long and irreversible decline, the 700 acres of Portland's Central Eastside are blooming with counter-cyclical optimism.

09/13/2010 By Zach Dundas


Shakespeare In The Park, Sexual Revolution In The Dark

Your weekend theater options.

08/20/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams

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PDX Adult Soapbox Derby

08/13/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams

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First Thursday

Still life, simple stones, and surreal painted fables.

08/05/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams

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PDX POP NOW: What Pops Out

Culturephile’s culls PDX POP NOW!’s catalogue for variety, excellence, momentum—and full disclosure.

07/29/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams

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Weekend Picks


07/02/2010 By Aaron Scott and Anne Adams


The New Frontier

NoPo's up-and-coming hip neighborhood, St. Johns, still struggles against its dirty, rough-and-tumble roots. Kind of like Portland's rowdy kid brother, St. Johns strives to legitimize itself, but drugs, crime, and poverty continue to hold it back.

06/10/2010 By Randy Gragg