The Perfect Party: July 2011

People we’d most like at our dinner table this month.

June 29, 2011 Published in the July 2011 issue of Portland Monthly

The New Seasons Market cofounder enjoys serious buzz as a new-minted mayoral candidate—and maybe the one hopeful who might run to Sam Adams’s left on social issues and to his right on business savvy. Eileen, a biodynamic toast to your honeymoon period. ’Cause it won’t last, you know.

We’re hoping (but not expecting) the shy leader of folkie-indie million-sellers Fleet Foxes to RSVP. Pecknold recently ditched Seattle for Portland—in part, he tweeted, because the Seattle press mocks him. Robin, we will never do that. Pinky swear.

Sounds like a shady law firm, but it’s really our superstar catering team. Chefs Gabe Rucker (Le Pigeon, Little Bird) and Andy Ricker (Pok Pok, etc.) won big at the James Beard Foundation Awards—Rucker as the extremely prestigious 2011 national “rising star,” Ricker as the Northwest’s best. Fellas, we await your French-Thai fusion pork belly.

We’ve always wanted an exotic accent, so we can’t wait to chat up this Newport woman who went in for oral surgery, and came out sounding vaguely Irish. We’re not likely to catch super-rare Foreign Accent Syndrome, but some soda bread can’t hurt. Begorrah!

The legendary hero of The Big Lebowski may not be “real,” but we summon his abiding spirit—and we’ll all be wearing Pendleton’s new version of his shaggy-sensational sweater. A round of White Russians for everyone!

Our party favor lends an Arabian Nights theme, as a May New York Times report notes the Portland-designed multitool is standard issue for a mercenary battalion in the United Arab Emirates. Magic carpet, away!

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