First Thursday Sampler

By Anne Adams October 6, 2011

New Gallery Opening

Graeter Art Gallery

This brand-new contemporary gallery kicks off with a bang, presenting a large and diverse group show.



Pascale Ticheler’s Guiding Force at Victory Gallery

The Dutch artist’s layered oils in variations of white are both evocative and soothing.


Mixed Media/Texture

Jeff Fontaine’s New Painting On Steel at Butters Gallery

The viscosity of paint against the slickness of steel, creates a unique and exciting texture for color studies.


Celebrated Cartoons

Shannon Wheeler’s One-One-One-One at PCPA

The Portland cartoonist shares outtakes from the New Yorker, and speaks about his five newly-published titles.



Japanism at Compound Gallery

Tadashi Ura will be on-site to present his and Senjiro Nakata’s “new form of Japanese painting.”



Robert Hess at Waterstone Gallery

Willamette University’s professor emeritus presents bronzes that are inspired by bones, but also incorporate ornate violin-like curves.


Arts Insider

Philip Iosca’s Hopefully I Become The Universe at Izquierdo

Envelope-pushing contemporary artist Iosca’s latest exhibition should be full of surprises.

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