Perfect Party 2011

It’s time for a holiday rager with the year’s most festive newsmakers.

November 23, 2011 Published in the December 2011 issue of Portland Monthly


1 Vitaly Paley Variations on a humble radish earned him an Iron Chef America title.

2 Randy Leonard City Council’s resident bulldog called it quits but still has a year to bark—and bite.

3 Jefferson Smith, 4 Charlie Hales, 5 Eileen Brady Our three wannabe mayors: still sitting at the kids’ table.

6 The Tech Scene Start-ups like Urban Airship, BankSimple, and JanRain double-fisted venture funds; TriQuint’s stock soared after it made components for the new iPhone.

7 Carrie Brownstein Her Portlandia lampooned our eccentricities, but she still rocked unironically with Wild Flag.

8 Carson Ellis & 9 Colin Meloy Colin’s Decemberists released a lauded album; Carson illustrated the couple’s beautifully written kids’ best seller. Guys! Leave some talent for the rest of us.

10 John Spencer The Timbers’ fiery Scottish coach led our soccer team to an up-and-down season but a local World Cup of popularity.

11 John Kitzhaber Our old-hand governor steered a split legislature through deep budget cuts without disaster. Navigating the unpopular and expensive Columbia River Crossing megabridge may prove harder.

12 Suzanne Bonamici As Oregon’s first strong female Congressional candidate since Darlene Hooley stepped down, she shook up the state’s political boys’ club.

13 Duane Sorenson Stumptown Coffee’s founder traded indie cred for private equity cash—but we still guzzle his brew.

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