Word on the Street: Jerrymandering

Do the French love Portland more than we do?

Edited by Zach Dundas March 23, 2012 Published in the April 2012 issue of Portland Monthly

jerrymandering (n)

The delicate art of convincing Europeans to celebrate American culture in a far grander manner than we do, a practice that reached its zenith (or nadir?) with Jerry Lewis.

See: This month’s “Keep Portland Weird” (oui!) at Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou, a two-day minifestival of Portland music and culture featuring rock band Menomena, singer-songwriter Holcombe Waller, filmmaker Vanessa Renwick, and others. In a sentence: “I’m glad that the Thermals get to play the Pompidou, but do the French realize we’re totally jerrymandering them?” Related: Dead Moon, Ben Franklin

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