One-Sentence Stories

By Zach Dundas August 23, 2012


Rogue Brewing’s decision to make a beer with a strain of yeast discovered in brewer John Maier’s beard has raised (and caused optimistic searches within the depths of) eyebrows. 





 A helium shortage, caused by a national price spike, has cut inventory at party supply shop
Lipmann’s by two-thirds and means long waits for big orders.





 A recent tweet “by” mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith’s dog (@georgebaileydog), regarding what he (the dog) does to stuffed animals, triggered an Amber Alert search for a campaign metaphor. 





 Clint Coulter, the Camas high school kid drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers, hails from an almost unknown athletic subspecies: scouts say he’s one of the only pro baseball prospects with a wrestling background






 Between Japan-born defender Kosuke Kimura’s near-perfect SAT math score and American forward Mike Fucito’s Harvard degree in psychology, the Portland Timbers boast a broad spectrum of academic credentials, if nothing else.

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