For the last two months, some 150 Portlanders have been rehearsing twice a week with acclaimed Montreal-based choreographer Sylvian Émard for the biggest choreographed dance Portland's ever seen, White Bird's Le Grand Continental, to be performed on Sunday at 2pm and 4pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square. The dancers represent all levels, from amateur to professional, not to mention all body types, ages, and professions. Yoga teachers, FedEx workers, city planners—that's 150 people dancing for 4 hours a week for 8 weeks, readying for the West Coast premiere of a massive line dance mixing moves from country, cumbia, R&B, techno, and waltzes. We tried to wrap our heads around it, but couldn't. So here's a slideshow of rehearsals, as they moved from the Expo Center to outside. If you're interested in a learning more, an exhibit of Carolyn Campbell's photos is on display at Living Room Realtors on Alberta Street documenting the process from audition to performance.
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