Animal Planet Pursues Bigfoot All Over the World

A Portland cable star's quest for Sasquatch-like beasts

By Danielle Strom October 16, 2012


 When not traversing obscure stretches of the wild as one of the stars of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, Cliff Barackman chooses the Parkrose neighborhood as his personal habitat. Of a quest that began as a college student, the 41-year-old part-time PDX resident concedes: “I’m clearly an eccentric guy, and I’ve always been drawn to the weird.” One of the network’s most popular shows, Finding Bigfoot will depart from North America for the first time this month, as its third season debuts with a quest for Bigfoot-esque beasts on other continents. 

“Bigfoot humbles us,” Barackman says. “He shows us we don’t know everything, that we’ve missed something right in our backyard.”

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