Grimm Obits

A look at how Portland thespians meet their ends on the NBC hit series.

By Anne Adams October 16, 2012

Ted DeChatalet  Portland’s master live-theater fight choreographer’s catlike reflexes were no match for the phalanx of rabid rats that attacked his character in Episode 5 after being whipped into a frenzy by demented dance DJ Retchid Kat, a Reinigen, or rat-person.





Gary Norman  This Theatre Vertigo alum’s sheepish character (or Seelengut) couldn’t withstand the spinning blades of the woodchipper a Blutbad (wolf man) flung him into.






Allen Nause  Nause’s years of Shakespeare festival stage cred and his long-running position at the helm of Artists Rep were no match against the chomping jaws of a hungry Skalenzahne, a crocodile-human hybrid that gnawed off the back of his head.



Ebbe Roe Smith 
Smith’s long and distinguished film résumé (Turner & Hooch!) couldn’t save his character from patricide perpetrated by a resentful son-turned-mouse-man, who suffocated him and then left his body moldering in bed for a week.





Jacqueline Gault 
Ironically enough, Gault had founded Jackal Films years before a vicious Schakal, or jackal-person, ripped out her character’s jugular. Be careful what you wish for, kids.

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