Do This Now: May

Our picks for your calendar this month

By Madelynn Vislocky May 1, 2013

The ongoing Tulip Fest (through May 5) at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn blooms with close to 30 acres of multiple colors and variations. The Portland Festival of Flowers (May 31–June 11) will attract an more than 400,000 to Pioneer Courthouse Square to gawk at and sniff nearly 20,000 floral varieties. And the city’s oldest celebration of warm weather, flowers, and drunken sailors returns at the Portland Rose Festival (starting May 24)

For those needing some extra motivation with their exercise, the Rock n’ Roll Portland Half Marathon (May 19) places live local bands strategically along its 13-mile course. Or, if you prefer burning rubber to burning calories, the Oregon Trail Rally (May 3–5) features high-speed cars, fast curves, and no blinkers. Just like LA freeways! 

Get weird at the 14th annual UFO Festival (May 17–18), an extraterrestrial celebration that includes parades, films, and speakers like Nick Pope, the former head of the British Ministry of Defence’s UFO project. OMSI teams up with the Discovery Channel’s geeky Mythbusters duo for the Explosive Exhibition (ends May 5), to test whether toast always lands butter side down and running in the rain keeps you drier. And Wonder Northwest (May 25–26) at the Crowne Plaza invites closeted geeks to come socialize in a safe, inclusive environment. Think Comic-Con, but with “regular” people.

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