Cameron Esposito deserves an honorary Portland comedy crown. Leveraging her huge following here, the LA-based comic recorded her second album at Mississippi Studios in May. In October, Same Sex Symbol came out on Kill Rock Stars, the legendary Portland-based indie label now enjoying huge success with live recordings of comedians. The album topped iTunes’ comedy charts for three days and peaked at no. 3 on Billboard. (In other news, Jay Leno called her “the future of comedy.”) Want a sample of her witty, political, conversational style? Look no further than her Twitter feed, and then make sure to catch Esposito’s victory lap/belated Portland record release show.

@cameronesposito 6yr old yelled “I don’t think you’re ready for THIS jelly” and passed her dad the jelly. I have elected her president.

@cameronesposito Took my sleeping gf’s bra off using the through the sleeve trick so she’d be more comfy. That’s what it’s like being a lesbian.

@cameronesposito I’m anti-conda; my buns don’t want none, son.

@cameronesposito I’ve been to a Celine Dion concert & an audience with the Pope. Strikingly similar production value/tone.

@cameronesposito Ladies: remember to protect yourselves by deleting all the nudity from your bodies!

@cameronesposito Halloween belongs to the little gay kid but you can borrow it!

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