Meet Cameron Esposito, Our New Comedy Crush

An LA-based comic shows Portland the love, and we show off her funniest tweets.

By Aaron Scott December 29, 2014 Published in the January 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

Cameron Esposito deserves an honorary Portland comedy crown. Leveraging her huge following here, the LA-based comic recorded her second album at Mississippi Studios in May. In October, Same Sex Symbol came out on Kill Rock Stars, the legendary Portland-based indie label now enjoying huge success with live recordings of comedians. The album topped iTunes’ comedy charts for three days and peaked at no. 3 on Billboard. (In other news, Jay Leno called her “the future of comedy.”) Want a sample of her witty, political, conversational style? Look no further than her Twitter feed, and then make sure to catch Esposito’s victory lap/belated Portland record release show.

@cameronesposito 6yr old yelled “I don’t think you’re ready for THIS jelly” and passed her dad the jelly. I have elected her president.

@cameronesposito Took my sleeping gf’s bra off using the through the sleeve trick so she’d be more comfy. That’s what it’s like being a lesbian.

@cameronesposito I’m anti-conda; my buns don’t want none, son.

@cameronesposito I’ve been to a Celine Dion concert & an audience with the Pope. Strikingly similar production value/tone.

@cameronesposito Ladies: remember to protect yourselves by deleting all the nudity from your bodies!

@cameronesposito Halloween belongs to the little gay kid but you can borrow it!

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