The Perfect Party: May 2015

A made-up mash-up of the month's most fascinating people, from the outgoing editor of Dark Horse Comics to Philip Glass

April 27, 2015 Published in the May 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

Diana Schutz
We say goodbye to one of Dark Horse Comics’ most accomplished editors, who announced her retirement after a 25-year career. You helped create some of our most beloved comics, Diana. Can you bring some sweet, sweet swag for us to hawk on eBay?

Pat Edwards
Let’s set a communal table for this 51-year-old East Portlander, one of the leaders in an ongoing fight to secede after years of gentrification, poor road maintenance, and public safety complaints. Pat, can we declare Ocean City a neutral zone for dim sum?

Amanda Marshall
We’re temporarily lifting the restraining order for Marshall, who stepped down from her post as US Attorney following allegations that she stalked a prosecutor in her office. We get it, girl. Just next time do what the rest of us do, and use Facebook. 

Bill Delmatoff
A golden-ticket invite for this special education teacher from da Vinci Arts Middle School, who won a million bucks on a Powerball ticket. Congrats, Bill. I guess good things do happen to good people. Now, about the check....

Philip Glass
The evening’s score will be provided by this world-renowned composer, who comes to the Newmark Theatre this month to discuss his musical career, his far-flung collaborations, and his new memoir. Phil, if you may, more cowbell! 

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