What Color is Your Aura?

One local photographer wants to help you find your true colors.

By Marty Patail May 26, 2015 Published in the June 2015 issue of Portland Monthly

Christina Lonsdale’s company, Radiant Human, tours the country with a portable photo booth, capturing “auras” on double-exposed Polaroid film. Inside Lonsdale’s mini geodesic dome, a special camera connects to two metal hand sensors that purport to translate a subject’s personal electromagnetic field into billowy colors. “Everything from your ears up stands for your state of mind,” explains the Portland-based photographer about this shot of a client named Katie. “Purple is a very visionary color, indicative of having a high-concept, creative mind. In the lower left, there’s not really a clear color there. That could mean she may not be fully grounded, which is common for purple. In the lower right, it’s a tan, which indicates she may not like to take risks.”

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