5 Rad Reasons to Kick off Pride Week at Flare

Salt-n-Pepa's Spinderella. Massive geodesic domes. "Justice juice." Here's what you'll find at Portland Monthly's BIGGEST. PARTY. EVER.

By Rachel Sandstrom June 4, 2015

1. Spinderella of Salt-n-Pepa! 

Let's talk about sets: Grammy award-winner DJ Spinderella headlines this here Pride party, and she spins it old school—we're talking forgotten funk and classic hip hop tracks from the likes of Run DMC and NWA. The epitome of cool, she's worked the wheels of steel since the age of sixteen. So arrive early, and be ready to shoop.


This party starts at the stroke of seven, with Portland's own Mr. Charming, of Gaycation fame, and her signature mash-up of classic house and top 40s love. DJ LA Kendall has been on the Seattle music scene for 10 years and spins high-energy music for dancin’. And Venus X, known for her “ghetto goth” NYC dance parties, serves up rebellious activism through her malicious beats. (On your way to the dance floor, feast your eyees on these delights: firedancers, body painting, and live graffiti art from Rai Villanueva and Bobby Dryden.)

Experience Poison Waters!

3. Emcee Poison Waters!

Poison Waters—our own Rose Empress, mistress of charitable fundraising, a performer without equal—has leveraged her charm and quick humor for decades of worthy causes. Now she brings her star power to Flare as event emcee. Says Poison: “it’s always great to have a party, but it’s even better when it benefits someone else.”

Inside the wonder dome!

4. Geodesic domes the size of your yacht!

Tents are so over. Instead, party in three, 31’ diameter geodesic domes, lit up and themed! These inward-facing structures have walls, but no corners, offering restorative beverages and intimate respite from the raging dance party outside. And there might be hammocks, made with “razzle-dazzle camo” printed fabric!  

5. Cocktails FOR JUSTICE!

Inside each geodesic dome, liquid gold (by which we mean, booze). And at six dollars each, these libations are CHEAP! There's the “Pride Pop,” a vodka orange creamsicle, the whiskey sour “Justice Juice,” and “amor y egualidad,” a purple margarita/Paloma hybrid. Not that we would ever encouraging overindulging, but let us just say that your refreshment purchases benefit three local organizations, each making great strides in the fight for equal rights: Basic Rights Oregon, New Avenues for Youth, and the Equity Foundation. Bottoms up, Portland! 

Portland Monthly's Flare, June 11 at The Redd

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