Classically trained pianist Jennifer Wright was having a moment. After over almost two decades of classical performances and teaching, she was ready to shake things up—to write her own pieces, to play new music, to take pianos apart. She started to look for free pianos on Craigslist to deconstruct with her students—in part to help their understanding of the instrument, its mechanics and design—and in the process her lesson became an art project and a new vehicle of musical expression.

The Skeleton Piano made its musical debut in March of last year, and is now becoming a permanent fixture on the performance scene in Portland. This week, it will take center stage in two back-to-back performances at BodyVox, showcasing Wright’s original work Obscure Terrain, a seven-movement suite composed specifically for her newly-designed instrument.

The music will be combined with a choreographed performance from the Agnieszka Laska Dancers, and video art by filmmaker Takafumi Uehara. For more on the construction and workings of the Skeleton Piano, check out our slideshow above.

Skeleton Piano Dances will be performed at BodyVox, 1201 NW 17th Avenue, October 3 and 4.

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