Wonder Ballroom’s customary division of tween and over-21 split Parquet Courts’ audience in two at their show on Wednesday night, and singer Andrew Savage was not impressed. “You do so much right Portland," he said. "I guess you have to do something fucked up every now and again.”

The band (who hail from—you guessed it—Brooklyn) spit out an infectious energy, infecting the crowd on both sides of the moat.

Since Parquet Courts (aka Parkay Quarts) busted onto the rock scene in 2010, bracketed by the brothers Savage as frontman and drummer, the band has rolled out an impressive discography. Their 2014 double whammy of acclaimed Sunbathing Animal, followed a mere seven months later with Content Nausea, earned them the title of music site Spin’s Band of the Year. Two years on, the four-piece show no signs of slowing down.

Live, they were a high-energy whiplash risk: Heads moved at warp speed as the band launched into track after track, among them new single “Dust” from  forthcoming album Human Performance. And it didn't down from there. Fans were treated to a show that testified to the band's expansive output, and they responded with fervor—at one point during the evening, two of the Ballroom's beefiest were enlisted to fortify the barrier weakened by moshing youth.

Whether it’s bottomless hunger after a joint, or anger about the uniformity of mainstream culture, there was something in the belting lyrics for everyone in the audience. Sure, they’re as pissed about stuff as any rock band should be. But Parquet Courts prove they can have some fun with it too. 

Check the slide show for more shots from Wednesday's concert.

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