Five PDX Pop Now Performers Share Their Festival Picks

Summer Cannibals, Mic Capes, and more pick the bands they're most excited to see.

By Fiona McCann July 21, 2016

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Thanks at PDX Pop Now 2014

Image: Todd Walberg

It’s going to be a glorious weekend for Portland’s annual all-ages, all-local music fest PDX Pop Now, and with a lineup of 44 bands over three days, you might be hard-put to figure out your priorities. Never fear: we’ve asked five of the acts performing this year to tell us who they’re most excited to see.

Jessica Boudreaux, Summer Cannibals

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Jessica Boudreaux (left) of Summer Cannibals, who play PDX Pop Now on Sunday, July 24

Image: John Clark

“I'm really looking forward to catching Cat Hoch's set because I haven't seen her live yet. Love her voice and the vibe on her recordings, so I'm excited to see how it comes out in a live setting.” 

Mic Capes

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Mic Capes plays PDX Pop Now on Friday, July 22

Image: PDX Pop Now

“I'd love to catch Summer Cannibals because I've done a show with them at Mississippi Studios and they were AMAZING! Another artist I'd like to catch is Maze Koroma. I'm excited for him to get this opportunity and I'm really a fan of his music and him as a person. We both come from St. Johns, so I'm rooting in that aspect as well.”

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1939 Ensemble plays PDX Pop Now on Saturday, July 23

Image: PDX Pop Now

Knate Carter, 1939 Ensemble

“This year's line-up is stuffed with so many killer acts, but if I had to pick one, it'd be Disemballerina.  The moods and textures they create are as engaging as they are beautiful. I'm excited to see and hear how great their live show is. Also, it doesn't hurt that they have one of the best band names in town.

Lola buzkill w3lyqp

Lola Buzzkill plays PDX Pop Now on Saturday, July 23

Image: PDX Pop Now

Lola Buzzkill

“We think the Fur Coats are THE show to see this weekend. Their hypnotic melodies, growling baritone saxophone, lush keys and passionate singing makes for an insanely fun time whether you’re at a festival or sweating it out at a murky basement house show. Fur Coats will shake your ass, blow your mind, and kiss your third eye.”

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Loch Lomond play Friday, July 22.

Image: Loch Lomond

Julie Bosack, Loch Lomond

"I'm excited to see Snowblind Traveler because he's got it all!  Beautiful voice, captivating storytelling, interesting songwriting, and he's nice to boot." 

Check out PDX Pop Now's full lineup here.

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