Rose City Comic Con’s Kick-Ass Weekend

We’ve got our highlights from the two-day event.  

By Jason Buehrer September 14, 2016

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A kaleidoscope of fantastic cosplay, magic wheelchairs, and an exclusive sneak-peek of the elusive White Rabbit Project exploded onto the Portland Convention Center during the 2016 Rose City Comic Con. For those of you who stayed home because your best costume was at the cleaners, we have some highlights.  

  • Local geek and KGW host Stephanie Strickland got an impromptu self-defense lesson from actress and karate expert Karen Fukuhara, who played Katana in the recent Suicide Squad feature film. For a moment, it looked Strickland was going to be thrown across the stage, but somehow both walked away unscathed.
  • While Ming-na Wen and Jon Bernthal were frequently quizzed by fans hoping for any hints about the future of their Marvel alter-egos, both were tight lipped. Bernthal responded to one fan’s question with this conversational shutdown: "Those motherfuckers don’t play around."
  • Portland’s cosplay community and costume clubs turned out in style this year. Every corner of the Convention Center swirled with a full complement of Star Trek crew and Star Wars Jedi, or a lunacy of Harlequins—both from the animated series and the recent live action movie—peppered with an idiocy of Deadpools in various shapes and sizes from every published and filmed version. 
  • Shapify My Life—a local 3-D scanning and printing company—enticed throngs of cosplayers looking to get a costumed "Shapie" in their full body scanner. The massive room-sized scanner—which can be rented for parties and weddings, folks!—can be tied to a 3-D printer. Cue selfie-statues and cake toppers for all the family.
  • Just around the corner from the Kid’s Area we found Magic Wheelchair, a Kaiser non-profit that makes fandom-inspired wheelchairs. In 2008 Ryan Weimer transformed his son Keaton’s wheelchair into a pirate ship for Halloween. Word spread, and with the support of his family, he started building wheelchairs like this for other kids like Keaton.
  • Tucked in the corner of the showroom floor was Supernatural's Chevy Impala "Baby" complete with a trunk full of evil-busting goodies, and the 1966 Batmobile. Both of the screen-perfect replicas looked like they rolled right off set. Sweet.
  • One of the big announcements: Grant Imahara's three sneak-peek videos of the secretive White Rabbit Project. Rumors about this project have been circulating ever since the B-team left Mythbusters in 2014. According to Imahara, this panel was the first time he could even confirm the program’s title let alone show video—a real treat for fans. The Netflix original is debuting this December and will co-star Mythbuster alums Tori Belleci and Kari Byron. From the look of the show’s opening and the clips we saw, WRP will dig deeper into everything, from the science of superheroes to actual prison breaks.  

 There you have it. Comic Con rocked. Now, what to wear in 2017...

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