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Trump Meets Clinton Meets Bingo

Ever wanted to play a game where winning depends on whether Donald Trump mispronounces the name of a country? Welcome to Presidential Debate Bingo.

By Ko Ricker September 20, 2016

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Presidential debate season is upon us, and you’ll need to be drinking through this one. So what better way to kick it off than by joining your friends at Portland Monthly for an evening of bingo, beer, and politics, reminiscent of the drinking games of your youth (or, you know, last Saturday)?

On September 26, we invite you to Lagunitas’ new Portland Community Room to watch the first round of Clinton and Trump duking it out while tracking every meme-worthy transgression on our custom Presidential Debate Bingo scorecards. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for mentions of Hillary’s health and personal attacks on the moderators, and just remember—every reference to Trump University puts you one step closer to fantastic prizes!

The first presidential debate, moderated by NBC journalist Lester Holt, will focus on the prosperity, security, and the direction of the United States, so there’s sure to be ample opportunity to cross off the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” on your bingo card, and you can probably count on the appearance of a “Make America Great Again” hat, too.

The Bus Project, Portland Monthly’s event partner, asks that you not let the evening of hyper-intellectual political discourse dissuade you from voting—in 2008, an estimated 6 million Americans didn’t vote solely because they missed a registration deadline or weren’t sure how to register, and you really don’t want to have a bad result on your conscience this year. Plus, if the post-debate night terrors don’t keep you awake too long, you can rise replenished the morning after just in time for National Voter Registration Day.

Attendance for this event is limited, so make sure to purchase your bingo card in advance! Dress code? Pantsuits and comb-overs FTW.

Presidential Debate Bingo takes place on Monday, September 26 at 5 p.m. at Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Portland Community Room. Get your bingo cards  here.  

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