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Stumptown Soundtracks: A Hard-Rocking Portland Playlist

These heart-racing tunes will help fuel your anger about rising rents, social ills, or fluoride.

By Fiona McCann November 14, 2016 Published in the December 2016 issue of Portland Monthly

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1. Wipers, "Doom Town"
The sonic manifesto of Portland punk

2. Red Fang, "Prehistoric Dog" 
Portland’s other wolf song

3. Neo Boys, "Give Me the Message"
Pioneering proto-riot grrrl 

4. The Exploding Hearts, "Thorns in Roses"
The most tragic band in Portland history

5. The Dandy Warhols, "Bohemian Like You"
That song

6. Dead Moon, "54/40 or Fight" 
Howling at the horizon

7. Crackerbash, "Song for Lon Mabon" 
Early-’90s political angst, full blast

8. Tragedy, "Vengeance" 
Band name + song title = The youth are ANGRY

9. Dharma Bums,"Pumpkinhead" 
State-of-the-art Northwest pre-indie, circa 1990

10. Heatmiser, "Sleeping Pill" 
An alt-rock lullaby

11. Sleater-Kinney, "Light Rail Coyote" 
A Portland punk’s itinerary

12. Floater, "The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy"
Things are not looking good for this guy 

13. Summer Cannibals, "Something New"
Fuzz rockers’ post-break-up anthem

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