Portland Finally Gets a Horror Movie—with a Creepy David Tennant

A new trailer for the locally filmed Bad Samaritan shows our city's darker side.

By Marty Patail February 13, 2018

Bad samaritan david tennant 2018 trailer igub9d

Creepy David Tennant is creepy.

Portland will grab more than its usual share of inspirational, feel-good screen time this year. There's the tale of the homeless father and daughter toughing it out together in Forest Park. There's Alan Ball's multicultural familial celebration. There's a kid stealing a race horse and finding himself.

But now, at last, we get a good old-fashioned, stabby horror-thriller. The overlong trailer, released this week, gives away way too much of the plot, so suffice to say it involves a burglary gone wrong, a kidnapped girl, and many shots of City Target in the background. Best of all: an American-accented, Maserati-driving David Tennant (Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Jessica Jones) is the creepy, vengeful villain running people over in the streets. And he eats at Jake's Grill! (Renamed Nino's for the film, because that's the sort of name real cities give their restaurants.)

You really should just watch the trailer for yourself. Bad Samaritan releases March 30.

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