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Get a Drag Queen Performance Delivered to Your House

Order a drag queen delivery that supports Our House Portland. Plus there's wine!

By Eden Dawn April 30, 2020

Shantay we all stay.… home. As shelter in place rolls into what feels like its second year, freelance workers have been hit particularly hard, as only this week are they finally able to apply for unemployment benefits. The freelancer umbrella includes our beloved drag queens, who have been withheld from spreading their normal cheer and delight around the city with venues and restaurants closed.

Lucky for us, there's still a chance to get some socially distanced face time with a queen, support them, and help a nonprofit all at the same time, with drag wine deliveries. Organized by Our House Portland, queens Bolivia Carmichaels, Summer Lynne Seasons, Honey Bea Hart, and Jenuwine Beauté will run about the city on May 9 and 10 dropping wine at your door before epic porch side performances. The money will be evenly split between the performers and Our House’s general fund. The local nonprofit has a live-in care facility with residents severely impacted by HIV/AIDS on top of other serious health issues. They also have a neighborhood housing and program that supports similar folks who don’t quite need full-time care, and an onsite boutique and food pantry for their clients to shop.

“Because of COVID-19, we've had to shut down our volunteer program facility to just our nurses, caregivers, and all of our clinical team. They're doing an incredible job making that place to run on a skeleton crew,” says Dana Kinney, the organization's director of development and communication. Normally, 45 or more volunteers are available to help out at the nonprofit.  

The time windows are quickly selling out on Eventbrite. If that happens, Kinney says there might be more homebound numbers in the future. Especially when it benefits all.

“It's more about Our House supporting the drag community because for years and years and years they have always given back and supported us. Whether it's supporting our gala, performing at our volunteer appreciation event coming, or saying hello to our residents, for years they have supported us,” she says.

Drag Delivered

Sat-Sun, May & 10, Your House!, $50


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