Aminé Makes His HBO Debut

Yes, that was the Rose City rapper you saw on Insecure explaining the branches of US government.

By Fiona McCann May 12, 2020

Aminé, library fan, rapper, and now HBO star.

Are you A) a Portlander and B) a fan of Issa Rae’s brilliant HBO dramedy Insecure? Then get watching "Lowkey Movin’ On," Episode 5 of the show’s fourth season, which dropped on Sunday, May 10. There we are, trying to figure out why Tiffany is suddenly speaking in an English accent, when Aminé enters, playing her new boo who apparently believes she's British. They wander through Issa’s block party (with Vince Staples headlining), while Tiffany is forced to explain her hometown as a place called “Poppycock,” which, as we all know, is “just a fanny away from Benny Hill.” 

In the few lines Aminé snags in the show, he manages to hold forth on the two branches of American government: the presidential bank and the bank branch—also known, he makes clear, as Bank of America.

It wasn’t the first time Rae and Aminé have shared the sreen: the Insecure star and cowriter also appeared in Aminé’s 2017 video for "Spice Girl" from his gold-certified debut Good for You:

Aminé has been fairly quiet for the last few months, but back in February (remember February?) he dropped perhaps the most Portland music video of all time, for his latest single "Shimmy."

Finally, if you need a primer on how America works . . .

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