Song of the Week: ‘Charmander’ by Aminé

The bouncy, hyperactive cut from the toast of Portland hip-hop comes complete with a brightly colored, Clifford-cribbing music video.

By Conner Reed October 29, 2021

A still from the "Charmander" music video

A year ago, Aminé dropped a music video for "Woodlawn," the pan flute-heavy single from his sophomore LP Limbo. In it, he stood beside Kenton's iconic Paul Bunyan statue, which he transformed into a giant, chain-clad monument to his own likeness.

This week, the Portland rapper dropped his first solo track since Limbo's deluxe edition came out last December, and dipped his toe into Bunyan territory once again. In the video for "Charmander" (absent, alas, any Pokémon references), Aminé goes all in on PNW domestic bliss, at one point chopping wood in a turtleneck like the the great ax man himself.

The video also features a giant, Clifford-adjacent dog, a comedic interlude from frequent Aminé collaborator Rickey Thompson, a misty Oregon forest, and some excellent sweaters. The song itself is a bouncy, hyperactive delight: alternating between a pitched-up hook and spry verses, Aminé drops his typical pop culture refs ("Born for this like Matt Dame / Red whip look like Chastain") and humble brags ("My energy is priceless / Told my jeweler 'ice this' / I'm way too decisive, don't catch that ego-itis") and swirls them into something slightly weirder than he's used to.

It hasn't been all that long, but it's still good to have Aminé back, and to take in another entry in his high-production-value doug fir cinematic universe. Check out the video for "Charmander" below: 

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