Song of the Week: ‘Carrot Cake’ by Wynne

This first single from the rising rapper’s upcoming EP is tough, loud, and thrilling.

By Conner Reed November 5, 2021

Image: 101/EYRST

In 2019, Portland rapper Wynne made good on some considerable local hype with her JID-featuring debut If I May.. Since then, she's dropped a few tracks here and there (like last November's "In the Morning") and made a handful of guest appearances, but this fall, her long-awaited sophomore project is finally on the way. 

On November 11, Wynne will put out Do My Own Stunts, a collaborative EP with producer Christo that features six lean, spartan tracks loaded with her signature acrobatics behind the mic. A few weeks back, she put out lead single "Carrot Cake," and it's a highlight of her output to date.

In its cutthroat sub-2 minute runtime, "Carrot Cake" melts together enormous 808s and screechy synths as a steel bed on which Wynne covers an impressive amount of ground. "Before I speak, PPB can't be reformed," she calls out on the first proper verse; "Your ex calling me / That's Xfinity / But his beard don't connect / Call Comcast," she fires off about 30 seconds later. In the track's middle section, she hits a tumbling flow that, in the accompanying video, literally causes her to catch on fire. No surprise here.

Check out the full video below (yes, there's actual carrot cake), and keep your eyes peeled for Do My Own Stunts when it drops next week:

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