Bottoms Up

Five Reasons … to Drink This Month

Five? That's all?

May 19, 2009 Published in the March 2009 issue of Portland Monthly

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Kyle Singler

The South Medford hoopster chose Duke over the Ducks. With the Blue Devils looking like a Final Four shoe-in, Oregon fans toast the one that got away.
ORDER: Mind Eraser at On Deck

Alarm Clocks

After all, 9 percent of Oregonians don’t need one of these noisemakers to wake them up for a job anymore.
ORDER: Spanish coffee at Huber’s

Daylight savings

Rolling back the clock means that you can actually see your drink at happy hour, and we’re one step closer to that mythical thing they call “summer.”
ORDER: Tequila Sunrise at Besaw’s

The Irish

They gave us potatoes, James Joyce, and our current mayor—who could probably use a good stiff shot right now.
ORDER: Irish whiskey (straight) at Kells Irish Pub

Spring Break

Drunk, hormonal teenagers flock to Astoria for nearly naked mayhem. Join them in spirit with a drink that speaks to your own reckless youth.
ORDER: Sex on the Beach at Barracuda

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