True Brew

With Brian Barker May 19, 2009 Published in the May 2008 issue of Portland Monthly

IN POLITICS, we voters rarely have a chance to assess a candidate’s faithfulness to his campaign promises until after he’s installed in his office. So when U.S. Senatorial candidate for Oregon Steve Novick—who will face Oregon Speaker of the House Jeff Merkley in this month’s Democratic primary—assured us on his website that he’d be keeping beers cold for voters at his campaign headquarters, we felt compelled to keep him honest. After all, said beer is no paltry Pabst—it’s Novick’s own Left Hook Lager, a microbrew that his campaign dreamed up after a popular February TV spot showed the candidate using his prosthetic hook to rip a cap off a friend’s bottle of suds. And it turns out Novick is telling the truth: After logging onto and ordering a $10, 22-ounce bottle of Left Hook, made by Eugene’s Ninkasi Brewing, we stopped by Novick’s headquarters to collect our brew and found that it was, indeed, chilled. And not half-bad, either. In fact, in the words of one PM staffer, “It’s perfect for a crab bake—or for pouring on Ann Coulter.”

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