Enter the Grown-Up Snickers … With Bacon

Chocolatier David Briggs debuts the Raleigh Bar.

By Eat Beat Team June 15, 2009


Here’s something to celebrate. Local chocolatier and former Park Kitchen sous-chef David Briggs has recently unveiled a candy bar for adults. Dubbed the “Raleigh Bar,” Briggs’s latest and greatest piece of candy combines nougat, pecans, caramel, and chocolate into something that’s like a Snickers in concept, only a hundred times better. And in true Briggs form, you can purchase said bar with or without bacon for a measly three bucks at Cacao.

With a dark, rich, and just slightly salty layer of caramel atop a thick slab of pecan-studded nougat, all encased in dark chocolate by Swiss chocolate-maker Max Felchlin, the Raleigh Bar is simply awesome. Felchlin’s chocolate is also used in Cacao’s satisfying drinking chocolate.

“It’s a take on a classic candy bar,” says Cacao co-owner Aubrey Lindley. “Customers love it."

The Raleigh bar is said to have been created by Briggs to be sold at Pine State Biscuits, but it can also be found at Cacao. Go buy one.

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