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Couture Ultra Lounge in Old Town

By John Chandler February 16, 2010

Trucking back to the office after running an errand in Old Town, I stumbled across this place. I peeked inside and goggled over Couture Ultra Lounge’s vast open floor plan with two bars, a raised dining area, ersatz Greek statuary, and some vaguely Moorish banquette seating for VIP chillin’.

My sources tell me that it will be a big hit with the bridge-and-tunnel crowd, much like McFadden’s, Barracuda, and other joints I instinctively avoid, while less well-heeled natives will shun the place like it’s built over an old Indian burial ground. Over at (an indispensable guide to local watering holes) they haven’t posted a review yet, but I heartily endorse their observation that "overuse of the term ‘Ultra Lounge’ is becoming ultra-lame." Why not "Extreme Lounge" or "Mega Lounge" or "Uber Lounge?"

I’m not sure why Couture’s business cards list the website since there’s nothing on it. Anyone been there yet? Food any good? Is it another example of faux LA velvet-rope wankery? Will I get the stinkeye if I show up in my usual attire of rock T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers? Does Rudy Fernandez hang out there?

So many questions.

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