Happy Hour: Sweet Hereafter

A nice, trendy bar—whether you are a vegan or not.

March 21, 2012

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What Happy Hour at Sweet Hereafter

Where 3326 SE Belmont St.

Why For some reason the word "vegan" is inseparable with Sweet Hereafter, but if you didn’t say it, (or hiss, as some people do) the Sweet Hereafter wouldn’t lose any allure (or repulsion). The sibling bar to that "other" vegan bar, the Bye and Bye, the Sweet Hereafter has plenty of choices on the menu that really ought to satisfy even the most ardent meat-lover. Vegan bars also have the unexpectedly pleasing corollary of not trying to wow me by slapping bacon on every food item. Maybe this is the way to go?

The Sweet Hereafter’s daily happy hour (from 4 to 7 pm) doesn’t offer any amazing discounts, but it does shave off a dollar from food and cocktail items. Don’t feel like you need to plan your night around the Happy Hour though; some of the large groups the happy hour attracts might be worth the few dollars to avoid.

Inside The bar lighting inside is intimate (read: a little bit too dark) and the music a little too loud, so I skipped the main room for the large covered patio. Don’t ask me about the physics of this, but the patio manages to be substantially hotter than the inside—like T-shirt-in-March hot. If you’re looking for a reprieve from the cold, this miniature Eighth Wonder of Portland ought to do the trick. Physics-defying heat aside, the Hereafter will certainly warm you up with their ridiculously strong…

Drinks I tried their signature cocktail, the Hereafter ($8), an iced-tea lemonade with an out of control amount of vodka and bourbon. Seriously, I’m pretty sure the bartender poured longer than I could hold my breath. The refreshing beverage comes in mason a jar, and not a tiny jam jar-sized one. Eight dollars might have been a little bit steep for a single cocktail, but the sway in my step after splitting a beer and a cocktail with a friend made me consider otherwise. My booze-math errs on counting the Hereafter as two drinks, so adjust your charts accordingly. The beer menu doesn’t really seem intended to impress passersby. If you’re stopping at the Sweet Hereafter, I’d recommend taking advantage of the cocktail menu.

Food Easily my least favorite part of being involved with vegan culture is the Vegan Reveal ("And did you know it’s vegan?" "Betcha didn’t think that was vegan!" ad nauseam). But the Buffalo Sub sandwich ($8), stuffed with filling soy curls, veganaise and tomatoes, seems really ripe for a Reveal. My partner-in-crime scarfed down his half of the Buffalo Sub without even pausing to ask what the meaty substance was, giving me the perfect opportunity to try out my own Vegan Reveal. (He didn’t really seem to care.)

Even if you don’t care for your sandwich to come slathered in ideology, the Sweet Hereafter serves some pretty nice drinking snacks. The chips and salsa worked as a zesty, cheap counterpart to our beer and Hereafter, and the (not literally) beefy sandwich kept the cocktail’s booze from pushing me over the edge. I’m interested in trying their bahn mi sandwich next time I go. They also serve a variety of bowls with rice and tofu and other assortments for reasonable prices,

Bottom Line The Sweet Hereafter will work perfect for those who love the Bye and Bye but don’t want to go all the way to Alberta, fans of Dig a Pony who can’t stand the crowds, or those looking for a hip reprieve from some of Sunnyside’s dingier joints. Also, for vegans looking for a bar to call home.

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