PICA Goes Wild for Mushrooms, Mold, and Yeast

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art is teaming up with local mushroom experts for a special fungi dinner and free mushroom fair.

By Allison Jones November 2, 2012

Ever wanted to dig into the weird and wonderful world of Northwest mushrooms? Go past the standard chanterelles on seasonal menus with PICA's weekend-long celebration of the stories and flavors of the funnest fungi around with local foragers, cultivators, and mushroom experts.

The celebration kicks off on Thursday, November 29th at 7:30 pm with an intimate, multi-course "Mushroom, Mold & Yeast Feast" prepared by Chef Naoko Tamura of the lauded Chef Naoko Bento Café. The $84 dinner will feature traditional Japanese fungi-derived techniques and ingredients like miso, sake, and salt koji, along with wine pairings from R. Stuart & Co. Winery and a special candy cap mushroom ice cream from Salt & Straw. More info and tickets available here.

For a family-friendly take on the fungus among us, head to the free "Mush Fair" at The Cleaners at the Ace Hotel on December 2nd and 3rd for two days of mushroom art, mushroom tastings, mushroom growing kits, and an animated and interactive zoetrope sculpture exploring of the life cycle of a mushroom. Find out more here.

These events are tied to Oregon Mushroom Stories, a collaborative project from Ecotrust and Edible Portland, bringing mushroom lore out of the dark to a broader audience.

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