Inside Vitaly Paley's Portland Penny Diner

The Paley's second new opening this season is serving up fry bread sandwiches, breakfast nosh, and throw-back soda fountain cocktails for kids of all ages.

By Allison Jones December 1, 2012 Published in the December 2012 issue of Portland Monthly

Hot on the heels of his just-opened Imperial Restaurant—chef Vitaly Paley's first new venture after debuting Paley's Place in 1995—comes the award-winning chef's spin on casual fare: the Portland Penny Diner.

Dishing up counter-service fry bread sandwiches, grab-and-go breakfast nosh, and throw-back soda fountain cocktails for the downtown set, the Portland Penny Diner is set to show another side of the lauded farm-to-table chef and his team. Paley is once again joined by executive chef Benjamin Bettinger, pastry chef Michelle Vernier, and barman Brandon Wise, who will each be doing double-duty at the new diner and at Imperial (which sits just across the lobby of SW Broadway's Hotel Lucia).

Though the food-and-drink brigade is the same, the menus and decor couldn't differ more. Where Imperial is dark, historically-inspired, and luxe, the Portland Penny is bright, modern, and laid-back. Click through to the slideshow above for more details, and look out for an exclusive interview with barman Brandon Wise next week on Eat Beat. 

The Portland Penny Diner
410 SW Broadway; 503-228-7222 
Open Monday through Thursday, 7 am to 7 pm;
Friday, 7 am to 1 am; Saturday, 7 pm to 1 am

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