Crave-worthy Tex-Mex comfort meets Bunk Sandwiches' dedication to quality ingredients and laid-back spaces at the new Trigger, under the Wonder Ballroom on NE Russell. From the Southwestern decor to the indulgent bowls of queso topped with brisket, Tommy Habetz, Nick Wood, and Matt Brown have crafted a little piece of throw-back Americana unlike any eatery in town. This week, Trigger launched a new lunch and late-night menu, offering one-of-a-kind tacos, spicy smoked chicken wings, sausage tortas, and brisket quesadillas available from 11 am to 3 pm on weekdays, and nightly from 10 pm to late. Dive into the new menu with these exclusive photos, but prepare to develop a mean hankering for some melty cheese and chips. You've been warned.
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