Eat the August Issue

All the food-centric stories from Portland Monthly's August issue in one handy place

By Tuck Woodstock August 7, 2013

Image: Dina Avila

In the August issue of Portland Monthly, hungry readers will:

↑ Meet the culinary missionaries at Picnic, Tiffin Asha, the Cheese Plate PDX, and Ole Latte, who are serving up a new wave of cart cuisine.

◊ Forage for sea beans and other edible treasures of the Oregon Coast with Restaurant Beck’s chef Justin Wills.

◊ Read how Westmoreland’s new Relish Gastropub is pleasing patrons with hand-cut noodles, flavor-packed Social Hour bites, and a killer burger.

◊ Whip up a mind-blowing campfire dinner featuring rockfish, red potatoes, kale, and Ninkasi Summer Ale in a tinfoil boat.

◊ Discover the hearty fare, comforting desserts, and summer simplicity of Township and Range, SE Hawthorne’s new neighborhood eatery.

◊ Embrace the joy of cooking invasive species, from nutria kebobs to popcorn house sparrow.

◊ Shake up an ice-free mason jar cocktail well worth toting along with your camping gear.

◊ Add a continental flair to your next barbeque with these budget-friendly wines from southern France.

◊ Satisfy your campside caffeine cravings via two methods of fireside coffee brewing.

◊ Hydrate with Drink Water, an Oregon-based campaign to steer athletes away from energy drinks and towards good old H20.

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