Inside Woodlawn's P's & Q's Market

A new corner grocery and lunch counter fills a need in the Woodlawn Community, complete with home-baked cookies and shelves stocked with care.

By Allison Jones August 15, 2013

Boasting a cooler of homemade bacon and just-roasted chicken salad, rustic baskets of neon limes, freshly latticed peach pies on the countertop, and a few dozen shelves hand-built by the owners' dad, P's & Q's Market is about as from-scratch as it gets.

Part corner store, part restaurant, and part neighborhood gathering spot, the new Woodlawn shop and eatery aims to fill a hole in Northeast Dekum's quickly expanding domestic offerings. Just a few blocks from Firehouse Restaurant, Breakside Brewery, Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry, and Good Neighbor Pizza, P's & Q's debuted as the only grocery store within a mile of the up-and-coming area.

Owners Emily Anderson and Paul Davis live one block from the shop, and were simply tired of having to drive to pick up basic goods. "We saw a real need for a food market in our community," says Anderson. "We also saw a need for a great lunch spot and thought the two would go together well—it seems to be working great so far."

You won't find tons of artisan products here, nor the steep price tags that come with them. Instead, the shelves are stocked with necessities the neighbors actually need—think Tapatío hot sauce, bulk black beans and rice, mustard, and canned tuna and tomatoes—and shoppers are encouraged to make requests for specific items.

As for the growing dine-in and take-out menu, Anderson explains: "All the food in the case is dictated by the produce we get in—we get farm deliveries and wing it from there. It's a fun challenge and has helped us keep the food simple, in a good way. The menu is evolving seasonally and based on what people like, but the core of it is a nod to our families, places we've worked, and places we love."

Current offerings include iceberg wedge salads with smoky blue dressing, sandwiches (from smoked brisket sandwich with cilantro slaw to eggplant ciabatta with pickled beet relish and feta), kid-friendly picnic boards of meat, cheeses, and veggies, and sweets like snickerdoodle cookies, banana bread, and bay leaf-infused custard with fresh blackberries.

In the next few weeks, Anderson, Davis, and their dedicated team will debut more dinner options, fully-stocked shelves, and brunch service. If their opening weeks are any indication, that growth will come with from-scratch care, attention to detail, and a true desire to serve their community, one gallon of milk at a time.

P's & Q's Market
1301 NE Dekum

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