Sea, Salt, and Tequila at Raven and Rose

On October 26, Raven & Rose will team with Jacobsen Salt Co. to celebrate seafood, salt, and a new single-barrel tequila personally selected by bar director Dave Shenaut.

By Nathan Tucker September 18, 2013

Some folks might not consider salt a stand-alone food, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be paired with liquor. The folks at Raven and Rose know this, and so on Saturday, October 26, they'll host an event to celebrate perhaps the most natural pairing of them all: salt and tequila.

A collaboration between the SW Broadway restaurant and Jacobsen Salt Co., this salute to all things saline will feature seafood-focused small plates from R&R chef David Padberg and savory tequila cocktails from bar director Dave Shenaut, both enhanced by Ben Jacobsen’s traditionally harvested sea salt from the Oregon Coast. Jacobsen himself will be on hand to present his line of salts and share his passion for sea salt harvesting.

Raven & Rose's specially selected barrel of highland agave Casa Noble Reposado.

Held in the restaurant’s upstairs Rookery Bar, this event also introduces the most recent addition to Raven & Rose’s single-barrel spirits program, a barrel of Casa Noble Reposado tequila made with agave grown in the coastal highlands of Mexico.

Shenaut personally selected this tequila, traveling to the distillery to choose between eight barrels, all of which had been made at the same time and aged in new toasted French oak for 11 months. The barrel he picked had “the most of everything,” Shenaut told us. “It had the longest finish, it was the heaviest on the palate, and it was the most robust, flavor-wise. It’s a tequila I’d want to make an Old Fashioned with.” 

Not to be limited to a single recipe, though, Shenaut will spotlight this exclusive new single-barrel tequila in a wide variety of cocktails, from a Pineapple Margarita with ghost chile salt to a spiced (and spiked) hot chocolate with cinnamon, chile, and salt. Attendees can enjoy these meticulously crafted concoctions alongside a seafood menu from Padberg including octopus ceviche on Saltines and baked mussels with pumpkin puree and chili salt crumbs. 

The event will fill Raven and Rose's Rookery Bar from 3 to 5 pm, and tickets are $50 per person. For reservations, call the restaurant at 503-222-7673 or email event manager Natalia Toral at [email protected].

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