“Salt has become this glorified thing,” says Jacobsen, wading below in Netarts Bay. “It’s totally unapproachable.”; the flaky final product (right) divides experts, who either prize its purity or long for earthier flavors.

In the May issue of Portland Monthly, hungry readers will find:

← An in-depth exploration of the handmade Netarts Bay sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co., the first company to make salt from waters off the Oregon coast since Lewis and Clark.

◊ Flexitarian chef Abby Fammartino's recipe for gluten-free potato gnocchi, a spring dish almost anyone can enjoy (complete with a how-to video!).

Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks' review of The People's Pig Wild Boar Sandwich, from chef Cliff Allen's tiny, streetside meat cave.

◊ How a new generation of Oregon Winemakers is taking over at many of the Willamette Valley's flagship wineries.

◊ An interview with food politics guru Michael Pollan as he discusses his new book, Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation.

◊ How the former owners of Dot's Cafe are bringing retro back with their new Lily Day Cafe and some killer breakfast sandwiches.

◊ What to order at the new weekend brunch at Lauretta Jean's (hint: there's much more than pie going on at the SE Division bakery and cafe).

◊ The perfect summer sip: India Session Ales, which retain the hop-powered IBUs of an IPA while you retain more of your wits with lower ABV.

◊ A snapshot of the wine list and cheese selection from Cyril's at Clay Pigeon Winery.

◊ Our taste test pitting genuine crustacean against the sushi substitute, What's Better: Real Crab or Real Krab?

◊ And the hottest places to eat, drink, and play at the Northwest's best islands, beaches, rivers, and lakes.


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