Eat the May Issue

All the food-centric stories from Portland Monthly's May issue in one handy place

By Allison Jones May 3, 2013

“Salt has become this glorified thing,” says Jacobsen, wading below in Netarts Bay. “It’s totally unapproachable.”; the flaky final product (right) divides experts, who either prize its purity or long for earthier flavors.

In the May issue of Portland Monthly, hungry readers will find:

← An in-depth exploration of the handmade Netarts Bay sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Co., the first company to make salt from waters off the Oregon coast since Lewis and Clark.

◊ Flexitarian chef Abby Fammartino's recipe for gluten-free potato gnocchi, a spring dish almost anyone can enjoy (complete with a how-to video!).

Portland Monthly food critic Karen Brooks' review of The People's Pig Wild Boar Sandwich, from chef Cliff Allen's tiny, streetside meat cave.

◊ How a new generation of Oregon Winemakers is taking over at many of the Willamette Valley's flagship wineries.

◊ An interview with food politics guru Michael Pollan as he discusses his new book, Cooked: a Natural History of Transformation.

◊ How the former owners of Dot's Cafe are bringing retro back with their new Lily Day Cafe and some killer breakfast sandwiches.

◊ What to order at the new weekend brunch at Lauretta Jean's (hint: there's much more than pie going on at the SE Division bakery and cafe).

◊ The perfect summer sip: India Session Ales, which retain the hop-powered IBUs of an IPA while you retain more of your wits with lower ABV.

◊ A snapshot of the wine list and cheese selection from Cyril's at Clay Pigeon Winery.

◊ Our taste test pitting genuine crustacean against the sushi substitute, What's Better: Real Crab or Real Krab?

◊ And the hottest places to eat, drink, and play at the Northwest's best islands, beaches, rivers, and lakes.


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