World Cup Beer Garden Comes to NW 21st

Starting June 12, the pop-up World Cup Beer Garden opens on NW 21st next to the former Gypsy Lounge.

By Greg Young May 30, 2014

Image: Max Sugar

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, Alex Mackay felt that Portland needed a gathering spot worthy of Soccer City, USA. The games, which are held in Brazil, begin at 9am, so Mackay did a quick calculation: Daydrinking + soccer + sunshine/June-uary = German style beer garden!

Enter the World Cup Beer Garden, debuting on the first day of the tournament (Thursday, June 12) and ending the day of the final (Sunday, July 13)

Located adjacent to the former Gypsy Lounge on NW 21st, the 200-seat beer garden will feature a canopy and shaded areas provided by local designer, Rad Fab Designs and imported German communal tables (Bierbänke). There will be a rotating selection of local craft beer (from Coalition, Occidental, Burnside, and others) as well as cocktails, food, and at least 10 large TVs. Proceeds from one special beer tap, the Timbers Army Charity Tap, will go to Jefferson High School soccer field project.

“This is the perfect town for soccer,” says Mackay, owner of Pop Up PDX, which temporarily occupies vacant spaces to help boost business. “It has amazing soccer fans and amazing beer, so I wanted to combine the two to make a true soccer festival.”

The beer garden will be a family friendly event. “We want families to bring their kids, their dogs, and a hacky sack,” said Lindsey Strannigan, social media, events, and marketing planner. “We want there to be a lot of shouting.”

Mackay was inspired when he was in Berlin, watching the 2012 Euro Cup. “I miss the experience of waking up with friends, super early in the morning, and drinking at unreasonable hours,” he said. “I want to bring that experience to Portland.”

Fittingly, the World Cup Beer Garden has created its own Twitter hashtag, #skipworkwatchsoccer. Sounds good to us. 

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