Boke Bowl Does Brunch, Dim Sum Style

Boke Bowl West announces new weekend morning program with an eye for bao, dumplings, and potstickers.

By Benjamin Tepler and Anna Loh September 25, 2014

Boke Bowl West

Starting mid-November, dim sum will no longer be relegated to the eastern hinterlands of 82nd Avenue. Boke Bowl West (1200 NW 18th Ave) has plans to roll out a “Boke Sum” brunch program, featuring classic dumplings and potstickers, all souped-up with a Boke twist.

That means fluffy hum bao stuffed with braised kimchi pork belly and seasonal vegetables, transparent shrimp and peashoot har gao, and stuffed yuba (tofu skin) rolls, to name a few.

Non-dim sum items are in the works too, with Korean fried hot wings (not to be confused with Boke Bowl East’s Korean Fried Chicken night), sautéed pea shoots with garlic and fermented black beans, and a handful of sweets—from coconut bon bons to banana profiteroles with tamarind caramel.

From the bar, expect a Korean chili, nori, and fennel salt “Boke Mary,” alongside their line of carbonated Boke Buzz cocktails.

Boke Bowl West
1200 NW 18th Ave
Weekends starting mid-November, 11 am-4 pm

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