Willy Wonka’s Got Nothing on Quin Candy

Trick or treat! Jami Curl re-imagines childhood classics with Northwest flavors, while keeping the nostalgia intact.

Photography by Benjamin Tepler September 26, 2014 Published in the October 2014 issue of Portland Monthly

In 2013, Jami Curl, the original owner of Saint Cupcake, switched from frosting to gumdrops with Quin, a tiny, neon-lit space overflowing with crafty confections inside downtown’s Union Way retail corridor. “I’ve been a fool for candy since day one,” Curl admits. The approach? She pinpoints sentimental favorites (Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Lik-m-aid) and reimagines them with Oregon ingredients and a razor-sharp culinary focus.

Twizzlie Rolls: These silky-smooth riffs on the Tootsie Roll are bound with Felchlin dark chocolate for devoted cocoa lovers.

Cherry Gumdrop: Popping with real, Oregon-grown sweetheart cherries, these drops are the perfect blend of gummy nostalgia and summertime sweet.

Dreams Come Chew: Surging with super-juicy, fresh-fruit flavors, Curl’s upgraded Starbursts come in sweet combos like watermelon-lime and pineapple-coconut, without the nasty additives. 

Twizzlie Pop: Curl reengineered the Tootsie Pop with a tart tangerine shell that takes only a few licks to melt away into an ooey-gooey chocolate center.

Coffee + Orange + Smoked Salt Caramel:s Quin’s buttery, smoky caramels are forged from Jacobsen’s alder-smoked sea salt, Water Avenue coffee, and fresh orange zest.

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