Langbaan, Ataula, and Kachka make GQ’s Best New Restaurant List

Three Portland hotspots make the cut, with Langbaan in the number two slot.

By Benjamin Tepler February 20, 2015

GQ’s annual list of the 25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015 is officially out for digital subscribers. At the top of food critic Alan Richman’s list: Langbaan in the number 2 slot, right behind Rose’s Luxury in Washington D.C. Further down the list, Richman names Ataula #13 with Kachka taking up the rear at #19.

“I’ve rarely felt so at home on a visit to a restaurant where I sat at a counter in front of two chefs I could barely understand,” writes Richman. “This was the first Thai food I’ve ever eaten that made me wish I lived over there.”

This is high praise for Langbaan, Portland Monthly’s restaurant of the year 2014. Langbaan’s Earl Ninsom tells Eat Beat: “I heard this morning…I thought it was a dream. It’s so crazy…I never expected it.” 



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