Stray Dogs Bring Korean Fried Chicken to Beast

The hot dog hotshots shift their focus to fried birds for the month of May.

By Benjamin Tepler April 30, 2015

Johnny Leach (left), Peter Cho (right)

Peter Cho and Johnny Leach—the New York transplants that set the city’s hot dog fever ablaze with their monthly, roving pop-up Stray Dogs—are taking a one-month haitus from haute ballpark cuisine to focus on Korean comfort food. 

In May, the duo will move to Naomi Pomeroy’s Beast kitchen with an ode to Cho’s Korean heritage: Korean fried chicken, Bibim guksu (cold noodles), Choco Pie (the Korean equivalent to graham cracker-marshmallow Moon Pie), Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice), and Oriental Brewery beer.

“Like our hot dogs, we will stay true to the integrity of the original dishes but put our ‘Stray’ touch on everything on the menu.”

Judging by their crazy-addictive ballpark food and the void of Korean eats outside of Beaverton, Stray Birds is shaping up to be required eating for the month. 

When: Every Monday in May starting 5/4, 5:30-9:30 pm
Where: Beast, 5425 NE 30th Ave
How Much: $35 for three courses and beer.
Reservations required: [email protected]

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