Taste Portland's Best Pints and Patties at Our Beer N’ Burgers Party this Saturday

A sneak peek at Portland Monthly’s blowout beer and burger event, coming this Saturday, August 1.

By Eat Beat Team July 29, 2015

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Has there ever been a better pairing of food and drink than beer and burgers? We don’t think so. That’s why we’ve brought back Portland Monthly’s Beer N’ Burgers cookout, a celebration featuring six of the city’s best ground rounds, 15 of Oregon’s most coveted breweries, Breakside to Upright, with live music and classic lawn games. Below, we tapped our burger frontrunners for a taste of what’s to come, with a few tips and tricks for mastering the patty at home. Click here for a full list of participating breweries and for a chance to snag a last-minute ticket. 


Burger: Lamb with mint, lemon, charred pepper aioli, marinated feta, and caraway seed.
Why it’s awesome: “Lamb is one of the only meats we don't get to work with on a daily basis at Double Dragon, so it's almost fetishized at this point. This burger involves nearly everything that comes to mind when I think about lamb; It's pretty fucking good.” — Rob Walls, Chef/Owner


Burger: The Graceland, a Painted Hills patty with peanut butter, bacon, pickles, and a side chocolate-covered bananas.
Why it’s awesome: “We looked at past years where people were making films and powders, and decided to do the total opposite. It’s a straight up dive bar burger. You know, it’s Elvis.”
Burger Tip: “Seasoning. Seasoning is the key.” —Jon Postlewaite, Kitchen Manager


Burger: Farmhouse Veggie with “an insane amount of eggplant”, two-ways.
Why it’s awesome: “Our veggie burger was on the Food Network’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Ever Ate’. It strays from the more traveled path of using beans, rice, or other starches, and we like our cheese throughout the burger, not just on top.”
Burger Tip: “Whether you are grilling over charcoal or in a pan, heat and fat are the most important factors in grilling a great burger: err on the higher side of fat, and use high enough heat for caramelization (the Maillard reaction).” —Kelly Weiss, Chef

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Slowburger's Jack & Dill burger

Image: Bee Talmadge


Burger: Standard Slow Burger, with Columbia River Reserve beef, beer-battered onion rings, gruyere, butter lettuce, house relish, and garlic aioli.
Why it’s awesome: “It’s the classic original Portland baller burger—it’s been around for 13 years or something [at Slowburger’s original location, Slow Bar].”
Burger Tip: “Cooking on the flat top is the secret. A lot of places charbroil their burgers and lose all the delicious grease and flavor; it falls through the cracks.” — Nate Hobart, Chef 


Burger: Lamb with tzatziki, pickled red onions, queso fresco, and arugula
Why it’s awesome: “We use Imperial Stock Ranch meat out of Washington. Their lamb is far above everything else I’ve tried.”
Burger Tip: “Always season the meat! It’s very important as far as getting a really good sear. And cook it mid-rare, don’t’ be afraid of meat anymore.” — Matt Jones, Chef 

Beer N' Burgers
August 1st | 5:00–6:00 PM VIP Preview | 6:00–9:00 PM General Admission 
Where: The Fields Park, 1099 NW Overton St., Portland, OR 97209 
How Much: Tickets start at $30—save your spot before it's too late!

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