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Thanksgiving is all about comfort: dive into Nostrana’s cheese-baked pizzoccheri pasta and cradle eggnog lattes at Coffeehouse Northwest

By Eat Beat Team November 24, 2015

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Pizzoccheri at Nostrana

1. Fall into a food coma at Nostrana

On winter weekends, the Italian mainstay serves up pizzoccheri, a fusion of of alpine decadence and Lombardy pasta-craft. Just for starters, thick, gray-speckled tagliatelle, tiny cubed potatoes, and Savoy cabbage are steamed and slicked with copious amounts of butter. Next, the pasta-cum-casserole is studded with hunks of Taleggio cheese, layered with blushing ribbons of cured speck, garlic, and sage, all buried under a snowdrift of Parmesan before getting baked and fused in the oven. 

2. Eat leftovers in sandwich form at Meat Cheese Bread

We know it’s a bit premature to be eating leftovers before Thanksgiving, but just listen to this: roasted turkey, fontina, and cranberry relish, held between two thick slices of stuffing bread pudding. The buttery, tart, cheese-cloaked remake is so good, it’ll leave you wondering why you bother with the whole turkey rigmarole in the first place. Want to try it yourself? We’ve got the recipe right here. 

3. Chug Sunshine Dairy’s Moonstruck drinking chocolate

Protest Black Friday in true Portland style: binge-watch Jessica Jones on your couch while chugging local milk master Sunshine Dairy’s inspired new collaboration with Moonstruck Chocolate, straight from the carton. Criminally creamy and rich with bittersweet chocolate ganache, it’s like chocolate milk on sweet, sweet steroids. Take that Walmart. Still thirsty? Sunshine’s Pumpkin Egg Nog is a sweet-spicy flavor bomb. Find at local Whole Foods, New Seasons, Fred Meyer, QFC, Green Zebra, Zupan's, Albertson's and Safeway. 

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4. Get dessert at Renata

Now that former Sugar Cube baker Kir Jenson has joined the kitchen at Southeast Portland’s buzzy Italian spot, it’s time to start taking dessert seriously again. Go in for her classic, cornmeal crusted brown butter honey pie paired with the boozy punch of nocino gelato—leaning on the classic Italian green walnut liquor for a bittersweet edge.

5. Sip eggnog latte at Coffeehouse Northwest

Food critic Karen Brooks (historically anti-eggnog) is still shaking her head over how soothingly delicious this latte is, like some voodoo curse fell over her. These are the house secrets: Good-quality, local Sunshine Dairy eggnog, a smart thinning of milk, good house espresso, and a few measured shakes of cinnamon.

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