Widmer Brothers Place High Stakes Bet with Columbus Brewery Over MLS Cup

On the line: A beer in honor of the winning team.

By Marty Patail December 3, 2015

Widmer brothers green and gold kolsch ltqna2

In case you've been living under a rock, the Timbers are playing in a championship game on Sunday, and local businesses are getting in on the action. Earlier this week, Alaska Airlines (the Timbers' jersey sponsor) held a ticket giveaway for over 100 Timbers fans that included a seat on one of its two chartered planes heading to Ohio. Then, this morning, Daimler loaded up a truck with Timber Joey's log to send it 2,000 miles to Columbus. (Whether outraged Columbus Crew SC fans will allow the log into or near the stadium has become a mini-battleground of its own.) 

Now, Widmer Brothers is throwing a hat into the ring, placing a wager with Columbus Brewing Company that the loser will must brew a collaborative brew in honor of the winning team. The loser must host the winner and buy all the ingredients. 

I don't know about you, but a Columbus Brewing Timbers IPA does sound tasty. 

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