Peep this tap list:

  • Hair of the Dog Adam
  • Double Mountain IRA
  • Caldera Pilsner Bier
  • Caldera Hoppotunity Knocks
  • Lompoc Brazilian Blonde
  • HUB Gear UP IPA
  • Rogue American Amber
  • Terminal Gravity TAP OUT
  • Lompoc Old Tavern Rat
  • Atlas Black Berry Cider

Not too shabby for a taproom 4,800 miles from Portland. Soon, the pub will add Breakside and Ex Novo to the rotation, according to owner Miyuki Hiramatsu. 

Opened last November, Hiramatsu's small second story taproom features 10 Portland taps and a basic pub menu consisting of hummus, fries, nachos, wings, and an Oregon blueberry salad. Of course, not everything is Portland. A pint of craft beer at PDX Taproom will cost you 1,100 yen, or 10 bucks. 

"All elements have to be real," she says. "So I purchased PDX carpet, books, CDs of Portland indie artists, and shot photos. Also the wall uses wood so that feels more like the 'craft' culture of Portland," she writes in an email to Portland Monthly. (We've lightly edited some of her responses for clarity.)

"I had Oregon craft beer about 20 years ago and was amazed," writes Hiramatsu. "It was Full Sail Pale Ale, the first craft beer in entire my life. I had studied abroad for three years and liked the atmosphere, culture, beer, food, people, and everything in Portland. I worked for Columbia Sportswear Japan in marketing for 16 years and I had opportunities to visit Portland even after I got back to Japan. Also I had a nice host family who lived in Portland so I used to come and see them."

Hiramatsu estimates her clientele is about 80 percent Japanese, with the other 20 percent expats and visitors from Oregon or people who have a connection to Portland. 

"People ask me about Portland," she says, "so I need to know the latest information, like things to do, places to see, beer, food, and culture."

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